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“What is a Life Coach?”

When people find out that I’m a life coach, most of them say, “I’ve heard of that.  Wait…what is life coaching?”  

When you and I hear the word “coach” we probably have an image come to mind of a football or basketball coach with a whistle around his neck, yelling at the players and telling them what to do.  Right? 

Later, when “performance psychology” became a thing, coaches used that info to help their athletes score!  The athletes learned to use their brain such as by visualizing, relaxing and changing their thoughts to feel more confident. 

And they improved their performance.   


Actors and actresses started using coaches to help them overcome their fears on stage, and be more confident in their theatrical performances.  

Counseling was the modus operandi for years whenever we needed fixin’ ourselves, relationships and our life.  We needed help to feel better, when our get up and go when our get up and go had done gone and went.  

We often yearn for some serious tools to help us get there!  We want help to change how we feel and what we do. 

We don’t want to react anymore, but we need help knowing how to change that pesky darn habit of reacting!

Enter life coaching.  

As your life coach, I help you focus on what you want.  Where do you want to go from here?  What is keeping you from getting there?  

As your coach, I help you see what is going right in your life.  Together, we look at your gifts and how you are using those gifts.  

We talk about your thoughts and beliefs and we question them.  Are those thoughts and beliefs serving you?  Then I help you move towards what y’all want.  

We explore new ways to look at the same situation.  

One of my clients put it best when she said, “Karen helps me see myself and my situation differently.  The situation hasn’t changed, but I sure have!”  

And when we see ourselves and our situation differently, we act differently!  

Such is the story of the garden tomato.   In the late 1700s, European aristocrats became sick and died after eating tomatoes after they were served on a pewter platter.  People believed the tomato could kill you and the tomato got the nickname, the “poison apple.”

But later, we saw the situation differently.  It wasn’t that tomatoes were deadly, but in the environment of the pewter platter, the tomato’s high acidity caused it to pull the lead out of the pewter which caused lead poisoning.

It took some time to overcome this false belief about tomatoes, but in the late 1800s, the tomato was used in the invention of the pizza in Naples, Italy and the tomato became the belle of the ball!  

Who can resist a fresh hot piece of pizza, with cheese dripping off the edges?  Not me!  

See the power of overcoming a false belief?! 

I can do the same for you when you are willing to look at things differently! 

See ya at the pizza palace tonight!  Pepperoni or Chicken Spinach Alfredo? Your choice!  My mouth is already watering! 

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