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Embrace Each Other’s Brokenness With Love

“We are each of us angels with only one wing and we can only fly by embracing one another.”  -Luciano De Crescenzo

Do you ever feel like you have only one wing? It’s pretty difficult to fly with only one wing!

The truth? We all have a broken (or missing!) wing. We all have something that feels a bit broken. And we all need help sometimes to get unstuck and get off the ground!

But how?

And aren’t angels perfect heavenly beings? Maybe!

But before angels go on to heaven, we also run into angels right here on earth too! And guess what? They aren’t perfect yet!

We all have angels in our lives!  And we are an angel to others too! You might argue with me about that second part, but I guarantee that someone has felt like you were an angel to them! 

But our angels don’t always look like an angel.  We might not recognize them at first! They might be our grumpy neighbor who we later find out is struggling with chemotherapy.

As we serve them, we are both equally blessed. Or our angel may be our little one who notices that we need a hug and they wrap their chubby little arms around our legs when we are having a stressful day. 

We feel joy as we feel their warm hug and our child feels the joy in having his hug received! Our angel might even be our faithful dog who is always happy to see us when we come home and when we brush his fur, we both feel happy!  

Whether we are giving or receiving love, both are blessed!

We need each other!  We weren’t designed to go through this life alone.  We aren’t like giraffes who drop 6 feet when they are born, begin to walk in minutes and then run with the herd the same day!

We were born into the world as a helpless baby, and we are dependent on others for many years to take care of us. In most cases in nature, the mother provides cuddling and warm physical touch while she nurses her baby, and the father protects the vulnerable mother and baby. 

We don’t stop needing each other once we can provide for our own needs.  We continue to need each other as we go through life! 

We all have a part of us that is broken, like a bird with a broken wing.  And it is through embracing one another, loving one another unconditionally, and creating emotional intimacy between us that we are able to work together to fly. 

We need the strengths of each other to be whole!  

Think of how you have felt when you felt safe and loved, just the way you are! It is glorious to think of the difference it makes when we feel truly loved and cared for!

When we embrace each other’s brokenness with love, we are both empowered to soar as eagles! 

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