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find out who you can become

Feel Confident & Make Your Dreams a Reality

I help women who are feeling stuck in their life finally move forward, gain clarity, find success and achieve their goals.

I create an atmosphere of trust where you feel safe to share your personal thoughts and fears and be vulnerable as we sort things out together.  I help you feel seen, heard and understood and increase your awareness of limiting beliefs so you gain confidence to achieve your goals!

How I got here...

Though you don’t know me yet, I’m just like you. 

I have been through incredible trials in my life, and although our struggles may be different, our feelings are the same. 

I have felt…

  • Intense loneliness, sorrow, rejection, grief, insecurity, anxiety, fear and depression.
  • Like there was no one in the world who could understand my pain, let alone help me through it.
  • Stuck in my circumstances with no hope of ever moving forward.
  • Retraumatized by therapists who I know were trying to help, but didn’t!


After years of struggle and learning to fully rely on the Lord to help me through the pain,  I found a safe place to land.


I learned to stand

With some divine inspiration, I found others who could help me and teach me become the person I was meant to be.

It felt so good! It began to feel like I was finally starting to live the life I wanted.

I had started my healing journey, and my life changed forever!

After spending 20 years working as a registered dietician and a volunteer life coach, I decided to get officially certified as a life and spiritual coach through The Life Coach School and Marianne Williamson, and here I am full circle… living my dream! 

I increased my understanding of why people behave in ways that baffle me and themselves!  Now I have additional tools, along with psychological truths.  

I learned the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and actions, and I began to see how vital it was to help my clients see themselves as God sees them, and to see how they could use their God-given gifts to move forward in life.  

Now, my greatest joy comes from helping others succeed and find the healing they need to “get unstuck and move forward!”

My greatest desire in life is to be an instrument of healing in God’s hands.

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awaken Your Own Sense of Empowerment!

Live the life you've always dreamed...
with confidence to move forward.
Overcome limiting beliefs.
Be the person YOU want to be!
Feel JOY again!

find out who you can become

Changing how you see yourself... changes everything!

I offer women...