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Do you feel like there’s something you’re supposed to achieve in life? But can’t quite get there?

You can’t figure out what’s holding you back and just need a little more confidence.

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I empower women to believe in themselves, see their gifts and move forward with clarity

Tired of looking for help and then feeling worse about yourself?

Maybe you tried therapy but the therapist didn’t have your same values? Or she kept focusing on your past… and you felt re-traumatized?

Maybe you even tried coaching and you liked the focus on moving forward, but you felt shamed and were told it was your fault for your problems because of your own thoughts?

Were you left feeling hollow, wishing you could find someone to help you feel safe so you could pour out your heart and feel cared for, and loved, and receive the healing you have been seeking?

Me too! I have been where you are!


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It's Time For you to be Understood

Hi, I'm Karen

It has been a long path through my journey of healing, 

Along the way, I longed to feel secure, figuratively wrapped in the arms of love by my therapist, and I desperately wanted to know she understood when I talked about my love for the Lord and the restored gospel.  

I wanted to talk to someone who understood what it was like to feel in the dark, groping for a guidepost, feeling frustrated with others in my life and wishing they would change.

Then feeling frustrated with myself for not being able to do what I knew was right and good, and not knowing what I should do or how to move forward to achieve my goals.

I wanted to feel more love in my life – more love for myself, more love for others… and I desperately wanted to feel more of God’s love for me.

With prayer and training, I figured it out! I found proven principles that work – and I can help you too!

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What Clients have SAid...

I needed help with confidence and overcoming fear and negative self-talk. I had struggled with this most of my life and I thought I could just do the work by myself by listening to podcasts or reading tips from experts. What I didn’t realize was how much I benefitted from having Karen ask me questions that caused me to dig deeper. There was also great power in hearing my own words as I expressed myself. As I did the work, I gained insights that led to incredible clarity into my limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I didn’t even know I had these beliefs! Then I was able to re-wire my brain and gain the confidence I needed to move forward. I was able to double my income and excel in my business. The progress I made with Karen was so much faster than on my own and it was worth every penny! In fact, I would have paid her three times what she charged!”
“I have been to many therapists and none of them has been as helpful as Karen. In fact, some well-meaning therapists have dwelt on my past, hashing and re-hashing details that re-traumatized me and caused me additional pain.

Karen is compassionate, allows me to sort everything out, and helps me take responsibility for myself and the things I have control over. Karen has a gift for helping ME see ME with greater clarity. I feel safe to share and be vulnerable with Karen because she is so supportive and non-judgemental. I have been able to heal and transform my pain into purpose. All of my relationships have benefitted from coaching, including my relationship with myself.”
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