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In a gentle, loving way, i help you....

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  • Discover current relationship patterns
  • Identify your dreams and desires for relationships
  • Learn to see yourself the way God sees you
  • Learn how to use the gifts He gave you to heal broken relationships
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i want to reduce your suffering!

Hi, I'm YOU! I'm Karen!

My healing journey has been full of twists and turns, potholes and u-turns.  Learn more about that here. APRIL, PLEASE ADD A BUTTON TO LINK TO THIS STORY ON ABOUT ME. 

I had many bumps and challenges in my life. Who doesn’t?!  I reached out for help from friends and tried counseling.  Several times.

I had this naiive belief that counselors had the skills to listen and care, not shame me and try to fix me.  Nope!

I yearned to feel safe, figuratively wrapped in the comfort of a compassionate listener.

I wanted someone to “get” me and understand my love for the Lord.

But that didn’t happen.  APRIL ADD LINK ” LEARN MORE”

At times, I didn’t know what to do! Sound familiar?!

When I actually did know what to do, I wasn’t always able to  do it!! Uggghhh!

I judged myself for not being able to do what I knew was best.

I wanted to feel more love in my life – more love for myself, more love for others… and I more of God’s love for me.

Gratefully, God answered my prayers and led me to resources.  I found proven principles that work – and I can help you too!  

People who have found success

What Clients have SAid...

I needed help with confidence and overcoming fear and negative self-talk. I had struggled with this most of my life and I thought I could just do the work by myself by listening to podcasts or reading tips from experts. What I didn’t realize was how much I benefitted from having Karen ask me questions that caused me to dig deeper. There was also great power in hearing my own words as I expressed myself. As I did the work, I gained insights that led to incredible clarity into my limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I didn’t even know I had these beliefs! Then I was able to re-wire my brain and gain the confidence I needed to move forward. I was able to double my income and excel in my business. The progress I made with Karen was so much faster than on my own and it was worth every penny! In fact, I would have paid her three times what she charged!”
“I have been to many therapists and none of them has been as helpful as Karen. In fact, some well-meaning therapists have dwelt on my past, hashing and re-hashing details that re-traumatized me and caused me additional pain.

Karen is compassionate, allows me to sort everything out, and helps me take responsibility for myself and the things I have control over. Karen has a gift for helping ME see ME with greater clarity. I feel safe to share and be vulnerable with Karen because she is so supportive and non-judgemental. I have been able to heal and transform my pain into purpose. All of my relationships have benefitted from coaching, including my relationship with myself.”
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